Breeder Info


Recent changes in state law

The State of Ohio is requiring all Breeders in our state to be licensed. These fees are expensive and I fear that most of our small time local Breeders will be probably quit breeding due to the enormous costs and all the red tape.

Kennel Inspections

All the Breeders in the state of Ohio have to be either licensed through the Ohio Department of Agriculture or the USDA. 

Their  kennels will be inspected regularly by a state employed Veterinarian. I am glad they are doing this  as it will eliminate puppy mills.

Licensed, Qualiified Breeders

This will create a situation where all of our Breeders will be Licensed, Qualified Breeders. If their kennels don’t pass inspection and they don’t fix it they get shut down . 

I am sad about our local Breeders

Most of our Breeders who are local are more than likely going to stop breeding. Most are just small breeders with a few adult dogs. Most have regular jobs and just do this for extra income but now they will not be able to afford to do this anymore. 

In an effort to stay in business

Well if we are to stay in business, our only hope is to use the Qualified, Licensed Breeders that are presented to us. Or from local rescue’s. Hopefully we can be in contact with some of these. We hope our regulars stick with us along with new customers. The puppies will still have our Health Gurantee.  The newbies from now on will also be microchipped.