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I got Ozzy on 2/ 22/ 2013 he is a shihtzu he was 5 months old now he six month and hes so much fun
Ozzy and shelby get along great she is 10 and a jack russle and beagle Ozzys vet check up went great.
thank you for having him bob



Bailee taking over..ty soooo much Brenda



This is Tinkerbella. She has green eyes. She was a hard sale because of her pigmentation. Thank God For
Ohio Puppy. They never gave up on her. All my friends want a little green eyed sweetie just like her.



This is Roama.Tinkerbellas sugar daddy.I also got him from Ohio puppy on Valentines Day 3 yrs ago



Hello! We purchased Cullen the English Cream Retriever on Saturday. We had a bit of a drive home
and he did excellent in the car, infact-I think he really enjoys car rides! We have taken him with us
in the car many times already and each time he really enjoys it! We also made our first trip to the
baseball field, somewhere we spend a lot of family time and he had a blast running and playing with
our sons! We are working on house training and it's coming along. He will go outside in the morning
and at night but during the day when I take him outside he will either lay down and relax or have fun
chasing leaves. We're getting there :-). He is so friendly, sweet, and both calm and fun at the same
time..the perfect dog. I really can't tell you enough what a great personality he has!! When it's time
to be calm he is calm and when it's play time he's all about it. He loves our sons and even gets along
amazingly with our cats. I really couldn't have pictured a better puppy, it's truly amazing what a
wonderful personality this little guy has. He is already so very loved and is giving us so much love in
return. We took him to the vet yesterday and the vet couldn't get over how beautiful he is and how
well behaved his is already. He is healthy, gorgeous, happy, and loved. Thank you so much!! I'll be sure
to keep in touch as he grows to send you are some pictures from his first few days home.
Thank you Ohio Puppy!!!!  Katie


Good Morning,
Just wanted to let you know the puppy I purchased Saturday Yorkie Poo mix that we named Remi is
adjusting well, he just loves his new brother that is a Yorkie Poo as well (Gizmo) and that will be turning
two are getting along amazingly! Below see Remi ready for bed on his first night, he will be going to the
vet tomorrow for his 5 day check up as asked.
Thank you!

We went to vet yesterday and the vet said you all did a very good job he is very clean, and well kept up on all
his puppy shots and no parasites in his poop. Thank you again for our new puppy!


Dozer the Boxer Bully we got from you last week is doing great. He is getting along with his new brothers
pretty well. The picture is of Dozer and Tiberius one of our English Mastiffs.


We love our new Shih Tzu! She healthy, happy, and an absolute perfect addition to our family. Ellie is a princess
in our house and just plain feels at home. Here are some pics of her now. Oh, and she loves the color pink!
Thank you for a great dog!
Monica -- Pittsburgh, PA




Hello. My name is Ashley. I adopted this mini bulldog from you on Wednesday. I just wanted to let you know
that he is doing wonderful and is fitting in very well at his new home!! We have decided to name him Buddy.
He has already started to bond with our other puppy Rocky (a boxer) and our kids adore him as well!! I'll send
you a few pics and I will try to send you more pictures as he grows!! Thank you for the wonderful addition to
our family!! :)




I adopted a Cavapoo that AI have named "Paddy" on Jan. 24,2013. He is adjusting very well in his new home
and has seen the vet on Jan. 30,2013. I received an excellent report on him. He had a physical and received
his next vaccine. He will return to the vet in four weeks for his flea and heart worm treatment plus his rabies
shot. The little guy is a welcomed addition to our home and we just love him.
Sincerely, Cathie



We just wanted to update you on Dexter. Heís doing great! He adjusted to living the good life very quickly.
I think itís safe to say that he loves us as much as we love him. He has made our family complete and we are
so happy to have him our lives!
Thanks for everything,
Dino, Pam, Zack and Zoe

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Lily  the puggle puppy


Lola our pug
Thank you so much for our Pug puppy we got November 17th 2011 her name is Lola and what a precious and loving
puppy she is, she gets along well with our other dogs and cats and was so easy to potty train her. She is growing
fast and is such a joy, only trouble we have had with her is she tends to get car sick on longer trips such as to
Pittsburgh. She got her booster shots and has been vet checked, worm free, she does have a small inguinal hernia
but it is small and will be watched. Again thank you for Lola she is such a great joy and loving puppy. She is almost
20 wks old now, I have included a few pictures of her for you to see.
Thank you
Doreen and Randy
Rockton, PA

We bought Lola November 11-17-2012 and wanted to send you update. Lola is a loving and funny girl, she has
adjusted well and loves our Cats and other dogs. She was so easy to house train and we are so in Love with her.
She is healthy and well, vet says the inguinal hernia is small and we will watch it and repair during spay. Thank you
so much for such a Wonderful Loving addition to our family
Doreen and Rudy





This is Thoreo. We call him Thor for short. We adopted him from Ohio Puppy December 19, 2012. His birthday
is October 20, 2012. He is doing great, he is also very spoiled. He is a very much loved member of our family.
Thank you, Ohio Puppy!







Snowball The Eskimo Spitz





Dear Ohio puppies,
We purchased a Maltese and Malti-Poo about three weeks ago. Wally is the Maltese and Charlie is the Malti-Poo.
They sleep the night through and hardly have any accidents. They are a great addition to our family. They are
happy and healthy .
Thank you,
Sarah and Dennis



Dear Ohio Puppy,
My boyfriend and I purchased a Puggle from you back in October and we are absolutely in love with her!
Thank you so much! We just want you guys to know that we were very impressed with how clean your facility
was and how much you truly cared for each of the animals there
(from the sanitary parts all the way up to counseling us on how to care for our new puppy).
That is something I have never seen from a pet shop and we greatly appreciate that. I attached a couple of
pictures of her to this email. We named her Lily, she's in perfect health and she loves her new home!
Ohio Puppies is great, and Iím sure we will be seeing you guys again in the future! Thanks again!

Meet Maxx . He was born on August 12 and we brought him home 11/10/12. Thanks Ohio puppy. We love him!!



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