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Lucy is doing great!!! She loves her new sister and brother! And her new home. And we already love her so much!!!
Thanks Ohio Puppy for all your help and advice! Will definitely recommend you!




These are our three puppies - all from Ohio Puppy. The newest (in middle) is Stella. She joins Daisy (adopted October 2015)
and Carter (adopted May 2009). They all 3 are getting along great and showing Stella how to adjust to life here. We love
our Ohio Puppies!



Thank u guys 4 our Miia she is a true blessing 2 our family, here's some pics



Toby found his home with us on November 5th. He finds adventure in each and every day. Toby plays hard, and can
spend hours chewing on his teething toys. He brings us tremendous joy, and has made a wonderful addition to our
growing fur family. We look forward to spoiling him outrageously for many years to come :)






Couple pix of Ruger...




Introducing Prince Morkie Dee Bennett born 7-8-16 acquired from Ohio Puppy on 10-23-16 to the Bennett family.
We took him to be groomed and the girls just fell in love with him and said he is a wonderful dog! We agree!!
Thanks so much Ohio Puppy!
From the Bennett family.



! The shih-

Sandy The Shih-Poo

Just got this sweetheart yesterday she's smart, loving & very quick and easy to train. Thanks Ohio puppy


This is our Max. He's the most affectionate puppy ever! Thank you for our boy!


This is our Sam, who we brought home from you in September of 2012. He was our first Cavalier and I must say he's
started a trend. We brought Max home from you in February of 2013. Thank you for starting our love affair with this breed!


this is my new puppy girl from Ohio Puppy, her name is "Grace" Thank you Cheryl for all your help and orientation!
May the Lord Bless you all!



I bought Benny at the end of March...he will soon be 7 months old. I thought you would like to see how he has grown up.
I love this little guy, he is very intelligent and super friendly.
Thank you for Benny he has been a real joy to my life.
God's blessings,



Heeler Mix
His name is Jasper Ezekiel Vaughn-Dickerson he loves my daughter canít stop being excited over the big house and yard
he runs in. He is so smart and funny. I love him to death and Iím very thankful you guys had him.




Isabella Marie
We got he December 14th and love her very much. She is already the Boss of the house. Thank you Ohio Puppy




Hello Ohio puppy! Meet Zeus. He's a 4 month old toy fox terrier! He is the most sweetest, playful, and loving puppy anyone
could have! His hobbies include: sleeping, tug-of-war, car rides, and laying out in the grass getting his sun tan on! He's
very friendly when it comes to kids and other animals. We are very thankful to have found Zeus, we wouldn't trade him for
the world. Thank you Ohio puppy for giving my family and I our new best friend.
-Talia and family




Hi! Wanted to let everyone at Ohio Puppy that your little Morkie who is now Benji made it home safely to Indiana Pa.
We have him on Blue mixed with the food Cheryl gave us when we bought him and he likes the Blue real well so far.
Just wanted to let you all know especially Cheryl that he is a good dog and wasn't too bad during his first night away
from his siblings. Thanks for everything Cheryl. Will keep you all posted to his progress.

Debbie & Rick &"Benji".







Zoe (English Bulldog)



Here are a few updated pictures of my Bullgle Bailey I adopted on September 21st. We just love her so much. Her big sister
Nina ( our 3 year old Puggle) is her best bud. Thank you so much for providing my family with such a precious gift.
April and Chris




Mr Jenkins (my york-chon) is the best little pup I could have asked for. Zooming along at almost 6 months old, he know how to walk, run, and come close. He knows how to ring his outside potty bell and let mommy know when he needs a bio-break. He also knows how to sit and drop it!!
At a booming 4 pounds.5 lbs, he's almost doubled in size and has a healthy appetite! He's been groomed twice, and gotten all his shots, and boy was he a trooper!
Some of his favorite activities include, going for walks and "runs" He loves to sprint along for our 0.1-0.2 miles :), but is quite content zooming along in the running stroller mommy bought. Jenkins also enjoys meeting other doggies and humans, playing fetch, chasing mommy around the house, barking at mommy when she does workouts, finding mommy's socks and playing tug of war with mommy, and of course hunting for paper towels, tissues, receipts, and toilet paper. He's the best at puppy nibbles, and puppy cuddles.
So happy I found Mr Jenkins! Can't imagine life without him! thanks so much! Liz




Zuzu and Sophie . Zuzu is a mork- chi. And Sophie is a foxy-Maltese . Both great girls. Thank you Ohio Puppy. Zuzu is my daughters and Sophie just came to our home about 4 weeks ago! Already potty trained. Both are loving additions to our families! Can't wait to see what Santa dog will bring!! Beth




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